Del Boca Vista Posters & Postcards

A Jurassic Park inspired logo design for Del Boca Vista, the retirement village from Seinfeld

I created these recently and I finally got around to making them available for public distribution. Make your own posters and postcards, as large or as small as you like. The clip art I used is licensed for personal use, and obtained from

There are:

  • Three versions of the postcard, to be printed on A4 paper in pairs
  • Three versions of the poster
  • One 9:16 image for phone lock screens.

There is also a document that you can print on the back of the A5 postcards, which contains a place to write your message, a stamp box, and a place to write a recipient’s address.

Link to the ZIP archive containing all the files.

There are three versions of the poster and postcard

The best way to print these at home is to use thick paper, like a 300gsm weight or greater, and print at the highest quality level. You will get great results with photo paper, too, but that’s not really necessary. If you try and use draft mode, you will notice some overhang from some of the clipart around the yellow ring. Keep in mind that if you’re printing on paper, the black ink might rub off on your hands.

Season 7, Ep.15, The Shower Head

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